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Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

3DVIA Player : High-end 3D in real time

High-end 3D in real time

Experience stunning graphics and advanced behavioral interactivity online in real time with this free browser plugin. Download the 3DVIA Player to play games created with the 3DVIA Virtools platform or to view and inspect models uploaded to Download the 3DVIA Player Now!

Image Credit: Pro-Street_S10 3D by Ice-Child.

IMPORTANT: The 3DVIA Player 5.0 has been released. If you are a developer who built custom components for the 3DVIA Player using 3DVIA Virtools 4.1, you will have to compile them with the 3DVIA Virtools 5.0 SDK for them to run properly inside the 3DVIA Player 5.0.


High-end, real-time rendering

High-end graphics commonly seen in cutting-edge 3D games now possible online.

Advanced Behavioral Interactivity

Game-like interactivity for the very best immersive experiences.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

All it takes is one click and the 3DVIA Player, along with any additional components needed, is installed. Updates are automatically downloaded as they become available.


The 3DVIA Player, additional components and updates are all free.


Leading browsers (Firefox and IE), Mac, PC and streaming audio files (MP3 and WMA).

Existing Web Environments Integration

Adding content into Web pages is simple. Enhance your content with JavaScript or VBScript. Seamlessly merge HTML user interfaces and rich interactivity.

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